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The vibrations were good 53 years ago today...

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26 minutes ago, guitarville said:

Funny how time goes by so fast. Most of us now are in our 60s and remember coming home with a Sears Silvertone guitar form Sears with our parents.

I'm still in my 50's, and never had a Silvertone, but I do remember the day when my cousin brought home that Beach Boys 45... it's an amazing recording, and a fantastic arrangement IMO - classic Brian Wilson!


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This is one of those "I get how amazing it is, but it doesn't do any thing for me" albums - with the sole exception of God Only Knows, which gets an enotional response from me. The rest is just "oh, neat". 

Its funny cause 3 people who I've worked closely with and count as friends, or at least good acquaintances, "made their bones" on this record - Don Randi, Don Peake and Carol Kaye 

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13 hours ago, Vito Corleone said:

Just for the record, (pun intended), “Good Vibrations” isn’t on Pet Sounds.  It was recorded and released later and was included on Smiley Smile. 


It was recorded in multiple sessions that occurred during, and then after the Pet Sound sessions. It was released a few months after Pet Sounds was (October vs. May 1966), and as you noted, it was originally slated to be on Smile (and actually appears, with new lyrics, on the version of Smile Brian actually finished in 2004), and appeared on The Beach Boys Smiley Smile.


Pet Sounds - Recorded July 1965 - April 1966



Good Vibrations - Recorded February - September 1966




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