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Hey guys, I'd be grateful if you could recommend me on books/resources in the following field(s):

As a background I'm a piano and theory teacher. For piano/Theory I use the early Thompson books for beginners and 95% which is everything else is either my own unique arrangements/exercizes made from scratch or stuff I found from others online usually free domain (pieces, arrangements, charts, etc.)  

I'm looking for book recommendations for piano and most especially theory, something that is advanced and orientated towards both teachers and pro musicians alike. a Book or a resource that will also have illustrations/visual aids I can pull out and show students. Something that covers functional harmony (I'm rusty in that department and would like to improve my knowledge anyway), more advanced modes/chords/scales and whatever else is relevant but also the more basic stuff . Also if you've got something that covers basic counterpoint (I'm debating whether Palestreena style or Bach style would be better for me to teach students, I'm only familiar with the rules of the former counterpoint, but what do you think? if there's a resource(s) that cover those too that would be great as well, I could use some rehearsing on that and prolly learn the new stuff/Bach too in the process) 

I'm obviously not limiting myself to 1 book/resource, I'd be glad to receive as many recommendations as you would think/know are relevant/good for my case.


MUCH obliged




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