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Auditioning now in Horsham, PA


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Power trio recently vacated drummer position, looking to fill available slots (with like minded candidates) to also expand with second guitarist and front man (or woman) ASAP. Located in the Horsham, PA. area, covering 90's alt rock and grunge (with original material in the future). We have a fully functional garage studio with PA and drum kit (feel free to bring extra brass and stands). Practicing 2 nights a week for now, but will increase as availability allows. We intend to start gigging by summer 2020 (however, depending on band's progress could be sooner). 

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Potential candidates should be self motivated, serious, have the ability to practice on your own time and learn songs quickly (no weekend warriors).
  • You should be between the ages of 35-50 years old (you do know who AiC, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are, right?)
  • You should look the part! (I say this because we will be playing serious shows. You don't need to look as pretty as Poison, but no one wants to see a Meatloaf cover band... unless you're a huge fan of Meatloaf then... if you will do anything for love, will you ALSO do this?!).
  • While performance is important, personality is KEY (anyone can learn a song, you can't learn personality) - Thus, a strong and demented sense of humor is important.
  • You're gear should work! Make sure it does!
  • IF YOU'RE A FRONT PERSON, MAKE SURE YOU CAN HIT THE NOTES CLEANLY. We aren't looking for John/Janie Doe, who sings drunken karaoke every few weekends and claims to be a singer! (However, if you are that lad or lass who DOES SING DRUNKEN KARAOKE and your voice is amazing and always needed to be in a twisted, deranged rock band, this is your shot (don't f*** it up!)).

Now, the serious stuff...

We take/treat this band very seriously (hilariously, but serious). Is this for you? Can you commit? Is this situation the answer to filling that empty hole in your chest with loud rock-n-roll, a couple shots of whiskey and a few beers; the lights of a stage, and an audience that craves more of you every single show? Good... ain’t that how it’s supposed to be? We are holding auditions immediately. Contact us and we will be in touch immediately.


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