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About 30 yrs. ago, my band & I recorded in a top A room studio, and I was playing my H'bucker loaded Strat into a Boss Heavy Metal pedal, set to a tone cut, as opposed to any boost, then into my rack which contained a parametric EQ set to a subtle but sharp EQ curve cut in the low mids, then into a low powdered Gibson amp.  The tone I got was something like a combination of Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal, & Mick Taylor from 'Time Waits For No One'. It sounded almost like a violin, somewhat O/D'n but smooth & not edgey. No that different from Clapton's old tone cut 'Woman Tone' sound with Cream, but with more high end clarity. No longer owning any of that equipment other than the guitar, I want to try to replicate that type of sound, with the least amount of the buying, swapping, & selling dance we all do.  I know the amp is a big piece of the puzzle, but is there a OD pedal that comes to mind that might give me what I've described? I know Terje uses a TC Electronics Sustain-Param. EQ pedal thru AC30's, & Taylor is simply a guitar tone god, so what I seek is surely a tall task, but I just want that rounded OD sound w/o the spikes & edge, with something of a parametric EQ effect on board as well, or seperate.  Thanks all!!

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Wow.... That Civil War is a beast.....very much what I am seeking. It's called a Big Muff II...
same thing? I see many variations on Fleabay... some ridiculous money & while others not so much. But I want a good one! LOTS of clones.....man I need help with this one!! Chicago Stompworks...EHX Deluxe Big Muff II..Stomp Under Foot...Wren & Cuff??  Think Rypdal, Taylor, & Gilmour. Thnx

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