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Hello, and welcome to HC! :wave:


I don’t know what they used on that particular song, but I moved your post from the DIY forum to the Keyboard forum in the hopes that you’ll have better odds of getting a reply here - the DIY forum is mainly for electronics and build projects.


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The orchestration seems really simple, a linn drum or a oberheim DMX (since the latter was released in 1981 and the album on the same year while Linn was released in 1982 onwards) like drum loop, a pad sound probably from the rs and a lead - like sound along with vocals bathed in reverb and some piano lines here and there along with a really simple 1/8 bassline. Nice mood oldie but goldie soundscape. The lead sound sounds like nothing special just simple blend of saw/triangle osc sound so if they used a synth and not a preset i guess not even them remember what the settings where. Happened a lot in the 80s not to save their work - sound design is a serious production work - and the sounds are  only stored in the recordings. 

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