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Question about fuses

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Do fuses weaken with age and use?


I had one of our small bar band systems out last night and when I went to power up the sub amp I got nothing- no sound, no lights, nothing. Fortunately I was close to the shop and was able to grab a backup. When I got it on the bench this morning the 30A internal fuse either blown or fractured. I couldn't tell because the fuse was one of those white tube things. My thinking usually dictates that fuses don't go without a reason. But one of our powered subs blew a fuse for no apparent reason and after replacing it in the field it has worked fine ever since. Both of the peices in question are at least ten years old and get used often. I don't 30A fuses on hand, but hopefully it just needs to be replaced and nothing is wrong with the amp. Thanks.

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