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I finally opened up a Laney 4x12.

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I bought this pretty prestine condition , early 1980's 4x12 cabinet and opened it up last weekend, that I bought in 1997.

The slanted cab was larger than the ones made after 1985 , then I found a perfect streight cab to mount my slanted.

The slanted one had the classic Celesion Greenbacks that are 30 watts each with 16 ohms resistance.

For years I noticed that the streight cab had more upper mids and better bass capacity with the same specs as the Celesion Greenbacks.

Those Fane speakers, in my opinion, sound better than the Greenback, by a mile.

Has anybody ever tried Fane speakers and What's you opinion of them ?

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Fane are good US made speakers. They are used in many popular amps. They were used in Music man combo amps and a main ingredient in making those amps sound good. I can see them sounding better then green back Celestion depending on the heads being used. I was never a fan of the original green backs. I had a pair in a 4X12 cab along side a set of Altecs and they sounded like crap in comparison to those.


For other model Celestions it can be a completely different story however. I have 4 cream back 75W speakers in my Marshall Slant cab and the sound quality is absolutely phenomenal. I can plug any head into that can and get them to sound fantastic. Of course the cost might have something to do with that too. I got that cab used for $450 and the speakers list for $255 each.


The best I've heard green backs sound were using a Marshall Plexi head. Those amps have an abundance of highs. The green backs severely limit those highs and cause the speakers to clip in the high mids instead of producing those highs. They act as clipping filters and give the Marshall its signature tone at higher gains. Of course you probably wouldn't know that sound by using the newer heads that have high gain channels that emulate that greenback sound. Its not bad but its definitely not the same either. Th sound you get pushing a speaker into saturation is truly unique and unless you're set up in front of that same kind of amp with the right tones dialed up you simply cant get a feel for it using anything else.


I have an old Sound City 50W tube head which can make those green backs sound pretty good too. Its a loud SOB. 60W tube with a voicing similar to Marshall and Hi Watt. The Who used Marshall, then Sound City for a short time before moving to Hi Watt amps. In fact it was the Who which got Jim Marshall to come up with the full stack cabs. The first ones were 8X12 cabs. They found those cabs too difficult to tour with. took too much manpower to move them and they didn't fit upright in a tour bus. They eventually got Marshall to cut them in half which made them ideal for transporting. They didn't tune those cabs to natch the speakers either. Its just blind luck they wound up sounding as good as they did. Both Townsend and Entwhisle used the same cabs with the same speakers and heads at first. That's likely how they got the bass to overdrive on many of those old songs too.


I wouldn't mind finding 4x10: fane speakers to go along with may Music man head. Johnny Winter used their 4X10 combo's to get his driven sound. The 60W head I have sounds too plush using 12: speakers, like a clean fender in tone. I'm pretty sure Leo voiced that amp line to sound best with the Fane speakers and its how Players like Clapton, Mark Knophler or dire Straits, and the guitarist for Blue Oyster Cult git his sound on that song Don't Fear the Reaper. I get close to it using my 4X10 cab with alnico Jensen's but they are a bit too bright.


Again, matching the head with the correct speakers is and old story, as important as matching the right pickups to a guitar or the right mic to a voice. The speaker not only EQ's the amp head but it also makes certain notes and playing techniques stand out better then others. on the flip side you can have the best head ever made and its going to sound like garbage if its bottlenecked by crappy speakers. A guitar rig is a complete chain from the guitar strings right through to the speaker. Finding the right match can be a tough job if you haven't got a friendly music shop owner who can help out.


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