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Ok... Kinda fell off the "cured of GAS" wagon

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I admit it, I am an addict. Hello, My name is Penguin and I am guitarded. I know this, and know why I am that way.


When growing up, didn't have much. Had food, some shoes every so often, the occasional hand me down. Not poor, but not middle class. When I started earning money playing music, after bills and such, money went back into gear. Yes my EB3L p[layed what I needed, but the Ovation Viper had different tones, same as the Jazz Bass, which I ended up hating, which brought me to a Kramer DMZ6000. Then that Heyman bass, ( I think that how's it was spelled.) After switching to guitar, same thing. Yes the 330 was a great guitar, but the SG had different tones, and the Paul was something even more different, and so on and so on.


And they ended up being that little "badge of honor." Much like that high school football player has his trophy's, or his jersey hanging on the wall, or the guy with those news articles about his great deeds on his "I love me wall". (which we all kinda have.)


This is my "I love me wall". This is my little whisper of, "I made it. I have what I always wanted." I went from almost 90, down to 55, and eventually, down to about 30 or so. THEN the soul searching will begin over what to let go. (besides, my wife sees it as a 401K plan. In case of financial emergency, sell guitar. :freak:)


And, I love the little beasties. Some were rescues, some gifts, others, bought with hard earned money JUST for that guitar. And yes, I buy to flip, so I can buy something else.


As for a museum... nah, nothing that especially rare or bazaar. Other musicians visit and play them, or when I go to a gig, I'll pull something different then the standard Paul or strat. ( I mean, when was the last time you saw a guitar player playing an L6s, or Roland G707?)

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im not an addict.. im only here to support a friend...

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