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Small Integrated Amp Recommendation?

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Home is where my full kit resides, but a few years back I bought a small "seasonal" cabin. I have ISP/DSL access so can stream audio and video. I wanted to keep things simple, so I started out with a Boom and a small TV. I still enjoy the boom and his sound to this day. I wanted to improve the video sound, so I bought a cheap Yamaha soundbar and decided to also bring an extra Touch from home to run through the soundbar. A slight improvement over the boom (which actually says a lot for the boom).


But, it's really not cutting it, not bad, but I miss the sound from my gear at home.


I made a change to one of my systems at home that freed up a nice pair of Klipsch KG 1.5 bookshelf speakers (the old ones, not the gold cone ones). I plan on bringing them to the cabin, but, how to drive them? This is where my SB friends come in, your advice.


I have a couple of old Rotel integrated amps (the late 70's) at home but they are too big and bulky. I have an Arcam A65 amp in one of my systems at home, which would be perfect, but I don't want to disassemble that system.


So I am looking for some suggestions, especially something I might find used, or relatively inexpensive, do drive the bookshelf. The speakers are very efficient, and I don't plan on playing anything loud: https://waveadvice.com/integrated-amplifiers/, so low powered but clean, small footprint, would be ideal.


One last thing. I would really like if the amp could be controlled by a remote to integrate it into the harmony I have. Also, if it had a digital input and a nice DAC, then that would be ideal for the touch, otherwise, I would use analog:


Thanks for any suggestions...

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I'm not sure what this has to do with solo and duo performance...maybe you should ask this in a hifi enthusiast forum?

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