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Running modulation effects (Vibe, Flanger, Chorus) through you effects loop....who does this ?

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I've done it, but I usually don't - I like running in stereo, and it's difficult to run using loops and run in stereo too. Lots of potential ground loop and switching issues... so more often than not I put everything in front of the amps, or just add the other stuff in the mix later.


The general rule of thumb is to put preamp type stuff - dirt, compression, wahs, etc. - in front of the amp, and anything else in the effects loop. EQ can go in either spot, depending on whether you want pre or post dirt EQ. Phasers are the one modulation pedal that often get put in front of an amp, but even they can run just fine in the loop too.


There's no reason not to try running your modulation pedal(s) in the loop - give it a try and see what you think! I'd recommend putting them before your delay and reverb, so that the delay and then reverb are last in the chain before the return to the power amp...


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Time based effects normally sound best after any kind of preamp gain to avoid string beating.

Chorus can be an exception depending on how much you use. If you want that clean Van Halen chorus then you definitely want to use it in the loop after the preamp drive where the power amp remains clean and solid.


Ideally you'd really want the time based effects after your guitar speaker, preferably run in a PA mixer or between a mic and audio recorder. That obviously isn't always convenient. Second best is in the effects loop, then lastly before an amp with amp run clean and drive pedals before your time based effects. Again, the main reason is to avoid distorting the sound after reverb or echo which can not only drive ambient noise levels way up but the string beating of notes being even the slightest amount can sound really awful.


Of course you can and should try all options and decide for yourself. Sometimes an abnormal tone is exactly what the doctor ordered on certain songs They only way you know if its something you'll like is by trying it.


Flanger is the other time based effect which can sound better after drive.

Rotary speaker, Vibrato, and Phaser are pretty much optional. The LFO automates the variance at a specific speed and they can sound good before or after drive. I typically use a phaser towards the front end where I also use my wah. Phase varies tone like a wah does so It like that done on a clean signal before drive. After drive its like listening to a sand storm, plus I use chorus after drive. Both would be overkill.


I do use a modified Dan Electro Rotary speaker emulator which as a high and low speed mode and also overdrive which makes a guitar sound like a growling Hammond Organ. I found that one does work best before the amp and before any time based effects.

Vibrato gives the effect of an actual string bender on a guitar. I like using that one after my first pedal which is a compressor. The comp makes the strings sustain much longer so the vibrato has much longer trails.

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