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This place is comotose, except for the weekend spammers.

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Yes, the only forums that I visit that still hve a lot of action are the Band-in-a-Box and Sax-On-The Web forums. I'm not sure why they remain constant while most of the others fade..


The problem with moving a site like this to a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or any of the others is that they are exclusive. Not everybody wants to belong to every social media group and many like myself refuse to do FaceBook. On the other hand, a forum on the web is open to anybody with a web connection.


I guess the times they are a changin' again.



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I think I was one of the indignant ones. Facebook is a PITA when it comes to having a forum-like discussion. IMO it's people's short attention span and mobile devices that are killing social networking, including Facebook.


FB is a fast and now lookie at me kind of thing. There's a popular group there called "Cover Band Central" I suddenly found myself a member of one day. 1000's of people with a lot of comments and questions often similar to ones I've seen in forums here. It's a lot different though in that there's no way I'm going to scroll through 300 replies to a topic on anything at FB!


Facebook has become sort of like a car crash to me, I don't really like most of what's going on there but yet I can't turn away from it. It's actually somewhat necessary for Brenda and my duo gig as we promote there, most people who will show up are there and so are the venues that book us. I can still enjoy posts from family and friends although the overall theme on FB is becoming more and more of a political war zone! Russian hackers can't hold a candle to some of the people I know and I'm trying harder not to take all the bait. I'm thankful for the relatively new "snooze" feature, there's always "unfollow" for more serious offenders and then if it comes to it, I'll "unfriend" like I recently did to a person I knew from here hahaha!

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First of all, multiple apologies for not being around (if it indeed matters!). The main issue is I'm not an HC employee and I've moved on to other clients. I still do pro bono Harmony Central work on content for the newsletter, because I want to support the remaining three people, but time doesn't allow for more.


Forums with a primarily social function are falling by the wayside. However, f

orums that involve peer-to-peer support are still very active. Cakewalk rebooted its forums from scratch recently, and it already has over 30,000 posts. Forums that deal with education also remain popular.


Compared to Facebook, forums are the perfect medium to contain a knowledgebase. If I was tasked with growing these forums, the first thing I would do is make it all about people helping other people troubleshoot gear, make buying decisions, and so on. I'd also re-boot the Pro Reviews.


Another problem is forums have be fast and efficient. These forums have been plagued with a variety of technical issues over the years, and except when they were owned by Musician's Friend, there were never the resources to fix things. People just don't have the patience for page load times and such. Furthermore, it's an "instant" world. It doesn't matter if a problem gets fixed in a week, people peel off after three days.


As to what will happen to SSS, I don't know. It's been around since 1995 but it needs to have active involvement and direction if it's going to grow. I just can't afford the time and the remaining HCers have their hands full. I'd love the opportunity to move this in a new direction, but at present, that looks unlikely. Then again...who knows what the future will bring?

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You have been missed Maestro, to be sure. But I understand why.

I know Phil works his butt off here, but he has a lot of ground to cover.


Forums are still my favorite Internet haunt. I was on FB for a while, just to connect with some old cousins....But their enthusiasm for contact (All Females), was far more than mine. Now....I follow one niece and that is it. I may post something once a month. FB is just too noisy, and now apparently, far more intrusive than it should be.


HC may have to fail. There just isn't the level of participation there was, and i can't see it returning.



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