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Pickups for Fender Duo Sonic HS

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For me a DiMarzio PAF Pro [https://reverb.com/p/dimarzio-dp151w-paf-pro-humbucker?gclid=CjwKCAiAiJPkBRAuEiwAEDXZZYbS5vgnAUsQ8aVlS2IVjKyVFYHlXWd2IGIfck_mSu_nW8dF2UlNwRoCp4UQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&hfid=13916558] in the bridge, and a Seymour Duncan SSL [https://reverb.com/item/6611291-seymour-duncan-ssl-5-custom-staggered-strat-single-coil-guitar-pickup-white]would cover classic rock pretty much...there are other combinations, but I'm thinking it is a $500 axe, putting more than $150 worth of new pups in there would be a waste...

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Looking for a good Matching pair of pickups for a Duo Sonic HS. So A humbucker in the bridge that goes well with a single coil in the Neck. What would be the best combo?

I play a lot of classic rock.


I reviewed a Fender Pawn Shop Jaguarillo that had an Atomic humbucker in the bridge position... I really liked it a lot. IMO, it works well in the bridge position on a 24” scale guitar. It is very well suited for classic rock.




On my customized ‘75 Duo Sonic II / Music Master, I have a pair of Custom Shop AY Strat single coils, which I absolutely adore. They might be a bit low in output to match ideally with an Atomc Humbucker, but the neck tones alone would more than make up for any slight mismatch when used together IMO. As I recall, the ceramic single coils in the Jaguarillo were a bit hotter than the Abby-wound pickups are, but not ridiculously so. The modern day equivalent of Abby’s pickups would be ones Josephina winds for the Fender Custom Shop - Abby is retired now, but Josephina was her protégée, and she knows what she is doing...



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This topic makes me ask---how do you optimize pot/cap values for mixed HB and SC pickups?


Good question - short answer? It's a compromise, one way or the other. You can go 250k and make the humbucker sound darker than you might want, or you can go 500k and make the single coils too bright. IMO, it really depends on the combination of the pickups and placement. I'd tend to go 250k with a bridge humbucker, but YMMV. You can always explore 300k pots as an option too.

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