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New website launches connecting Japanese music industry with other countries


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Japan Music Industry Global Network (JAMING) has officially launched its new website, designed to help connect artists and music industry professionals from Japan, with those from other countries. By building a database of individuals and companies involved in the music industry, which includes label executives, artists, songwriters, sound engineers, booking agencies, music publishers and music attorneys, as well as entertainment professionals who are looking for music and artists for t.v., film and video game, members will have a growing resource of others in the industry, to interact with.


JAMING hopes to become the foremost online networking community, for people who make their living in the music industry, from Japan and around the world. The website offers three levels of membership; free, Individual and Corporate.


With a free membership, will have their profile listed and visible to other members that may be interested in contacting them. In addition, they’ll have access to the message board, to communicate, one on one, with others in their field, to ask questions, collaborate or just make connections.


The website is a place where members will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions, gain knowledge about each other’s business practices and establish international relationships that can enhance future business and build a bridge between Japanese music industry people and those from other parts of the world. Members will also receive updates about upcoming events, such as networking meetings and music business seminars.


An individual paid membership includes the same benefits as a free membership, with the addition of profile translation and a referral service, where members will have the opportunity to be matched up with others, based on their needs. Individual members will also have access to view other member’s profiles, and be able to contact them directly.


Visit http://www.jaming.net for more information.


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