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D-50 issues - can anyone help?

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Hello world,


I just recently found a d50 (813265) that has not been powered up for years and years.


When I tried to power it up it was a horrific high pitched sound ( 6 kHz or thereabouts).


I changed the battery and reloaded data from card.

Still the same noise out ( it is incredibly hot signal).


I am planning on cleaning the contacts with a good contact cleaner to see if that improves the buttons.


Does anyone have any idea on what the noise output may be?

Perhaps it'll need new caps?


Does anyone know of any similar issues?


I really love the sound of this and really would like to keep and preserve it.




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not an expert but could be some bad caps inside

also the screen whine on the old style displays can occasionally affect the audio path (so I've heard)


my used D-50 needed a new daughter board almost immediately when I got it

the shop said someone allowed melted ice cream (the damn owner's kids) to get in and sit on one of the boards for a long time, eventually eating it away (there are a lot of daughter boards inside - pretty amazing design, why it's so heavy for its size) - it always said it was a battery error but it was much worse

anyway, since the synth was so cheap, the expensive daughter board fix still made the total cost cheaper than most D-50s around back then days :-)

probably worse now

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A D50 is a keeper definitely but this can be caused by a number of reasons, bad caps, Mother board issues even PSU i guess. Good luck on this one !

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