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What's this vintage amp doing on the open prairie?


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It's Junior Brown's dad, Senior Brown.



Obviously I have no idea. I wonder if that stuff even worked, it takes "one special trick" do make tube-powered equipment work off of batteries, because to get any power out of a tube takes a source of high-voltage DC. Early tech company "Motor-Ola" solved the problem so vacuum-tube car radios could exist.

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Yeah' date=' I kind of suspect this is just a pose. But the equipment is real and the guy was probably famous. And there *is* power nearby, you can see the wires and a pole. I've been told the vehicle is a 1957 Ford Fairlane Wagon.[/quote']


I actually think it's a 56. My dad drove a 56 Ford Fairlane , that he picked up in the 60's and kept well into the 80's. Dad's was a nice street quality drive, but not show quality.


There wasn't much change between the 56 and 57, however they tipped the rear fines just a tad more in 57. the roof line is a bi flatter too.



Here's a 57



Here's a 56



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Amp looks like a Magnatone Maestro. They're O.K. but they have Ultralinear output transformers to increase headroom and I'm not a fan compared to their later 213, 250, 280 and 260 models



Yup... it sure looks like a Magnatone.


But that begs the question - what was a Maggie doing in a Fender ad? :confused2:


Is / was the musician pictured a big enough star that he could talk Fender into letting him appear with a competitor's amp in one of Fender's ads? :idk:


FWIW, I don't recognize him...


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I can't be certain, as there were a number of C&W and western swing players using Teles by the mid 50s, but, IIRC, Jimmy Bryant [of Speedy and Jimmy fame] was one of Leo's earliest endorsers, so maybe that is him? Or it could be Jimmy Wyble [1st guitar with Spade Cooley's western swing band, and another early Leo endorser] He did an early Fender promo in 1950 with an Esquire, and was known to play Fenders [and Epis, Gibsons...] and was a Magnatone amp endorser. Neither of those Jimmy's are well known today, but they were the country guitar gods of that era.


The station wagon is definitely a '56 [the roof 'lip' is a dead giveaway]. Good eye, Mikeo!


The amp is definitely a Magnatone Maestro 150! Great catch GuitarCapo!! That is the back side; from the front, most call it the 'Eddie Cochran' model because he was shown using that amp in 'The Girl Can't Help It' also in 1956...

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Could be Bryant. He would have been 32 and the guy in the cowboy hat looks older but maybe…


[ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tJimmy%20Bryant.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t51.2 KB ID:\t32472595","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32472595","data-size":"full","title":"Jimmy%20Bryant.jpg"}[/ATTACH]



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