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My Top 10 guitars!


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Hello everybody!

Here’s a video of my top 10 guitars!

1/ Ibanez M80M (Meshuggah signature).

2/ Solar E2.6 TBRM.

3/ Silverburst Les Paul with Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers.

4/ Black Les Paul with Gibson BurstBucker Pro.

5/ Reliced Strat' with DiMarzio HS3.

6/ Slash Les Paul Axcess with Seymour Duncan Slash pickups signature.

7/ Ibanez SR505 bass.

8/ Jackson King V KVMG Pro with EMG James Hetfield signature.

9/ Harley Benton DC Custom 612.

10/ Ovation CC 24.

And the others...




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Cool collection and video. I liked the way you put in soundtrack for each guitar as you showed it.


On a side note, I also bought an Epi P-93. I certainly wouldn't mind finding a new owner for mine either, but for now it's just tucked away in a closet. I later on bought a Yamaha SA503 TVL which is similar in design, but it sounds better (more clarity) and the play-ability is better too. The one thing that that blew my mind with the Epi P-93 is that the bridge P-90 was set up too high to where I couldn't lower the strings enough to get a better low action. I've since bought a thinner P-90 spacer, but haven't bothered to get back to that guitar yet to do the install and see if I can bond with it. I figure Gibson/Epiphone must have addressed this issue I'm referring to, because it seems like they still sell quite a few of them. But about the only thing I thought it had going for it was "being purdy". smiley-wink

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