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Axess CFX4 Function Switcher Custom Cable for Peavey JSX

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Hello everyone,


It's been years since I posted on these forums (I obviously forgot my old user name), and I remember everyone being extremely helpful when it came to gear questions. I know this is a long shot, so any help would be SUPER appreciated.


So, my current rig consists of a Peavey JSX head. I have a Rocktron Xpression for multi-fx and I'm controlling it with a Voodoo Labs GCP. I've always wanted to control my amp channels via Midi, and back in the day always had my eye on the Axess CFX4, but never pulled the trigger. Fast forward to almost 10 years from then and unfortunately Axess has long since closed up shop.


I was looking into the RJM Amp Gizmo or the Voodoo Control Switcher, but they are pretty pricey. I came upon an eBay listing for a CFX4 for only $60 and immediately jumped on it. I am aware that the CFX4 requires a custom cable to interface with the JSX 7 PIN footswitch connector. I have scoured everywhere for any info on the pinout of this custom cable, but I cannot find anything. My only option at this point is to find the pinout for the custom cable and make one for myself. The CFX4 Custom output port is a 7 PIN DIN as is the JSX footswitch port, but after finding the JSX pinout, it's obvious that this isn't going to be a 1:1 wiring scenario.


So, I just wanted to see if any JSX owners here had a CFX4, and if they'd be willing to share the pinout or any info regarding getting this thing set up.



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So, my CFX4 came in the mail and I decided to see if I could make the custom cable. It was actually extremely easy and was able to get it working as intended on my first try. Just in case there's anyone like me looking for an explanation, I figured I would follow up.


I purchased a 7 PIN MIDI cable from Amazon and had an extra standard TS 1/4" guitar cable laying around.


Here's the pin-out for the JSX/XXX foot-switch jack. This would be looking at the jack directly or the solder side of the cable. Pin 1 would start at 1 o'clock and the order would go clockwise from there.


Pin # 1 - +17VDC

Pin # 2 - Not used

Pin # 3 - Ground/Foot-switch detection

Pin # 4 - Ground

Pin # 5 - Clean

Pin # 6 - Ultra/Crunch

Pin # 7 - Effect


I cut off one end of the MIDI cable and stripped it back to all 7 wires. I ran a continuity test using a multi-meter for each pin and wire and made note of what color matched each pin.


I wanted to make sure the effect loop was always on so I wired it up as follows:


I completely cut off the wires for pins 1 and 2 as they are not used.


I stripped back all the remaining wires and twisted together the wires for pins 3, 4 and 7. This is the ground, effects loop and foot-switch detection pins. Using a soldering iron, I soldered them all together.


I cut the ends of the guitar cables off, leaving about 4-6 inches of cable length for both. I stripped back the wires down to the copper braid (ground sleeve) and the center wire (tip). I twisted the ground braids together from both cables and soldered them to the wires for pins 3, 4 and 7 on the midi cable.


I then soldered the center wire of the guitar cable to the wire for pin 5 on the MIDI cable and did the same with the other guitar cable for the wire for pin 6.


I made sure to use heat-shrink to insulate all wires and to make sure they couldn't accidentally short themselves out.


I connected the 7 pin cable to the JSX foot-switch jack and plugged in both 1/4" jacks into CTL1 and CTL2 on the CFX4. After powering everything on and cycling through the channels with the edit button on the CFX4, everything is working beautifully with my Ground Control Pro.


I decided to skip trying to find the pin-out for the custom jack on the CFX4 as I didn't feel like tearing it apart. The CTL jacks work just fine for my needs.


Anyways, problem solved!

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