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OK, all you Internet whizzes - lately I've been seeing "fl" associated with search boxes. Is this short for "search" in some language (which language)? Or are these not letters at all, but some symbol that might not display correctly in my web browser?


A curious mind wants to know. To keep in line with this forum, here's a screen shot from a book publisher https://www.routledge.com/products/SCAR7005



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if you enable the Jscripts it turns into the magnifying glass.


Ah! That sort of makes sense. I use Firefox and used to turn JavaScript off as a matter of course, but I gave up on that when too many web pages didn't work. I just checked and I do have it enabled (though there's a whole page of Javascript options, most of which are "true" but a couple are "false"), but Firefox still sometimes has trouble with Javascripts. When I opened the page in my original post using Chrome, the magnifying glass does indeed show up. Now that I know what it is, I won't worry about it.


Thanks for the explanation.

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