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YAMAHA FG-150 Replacement Parts/Tuners


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Somewhere I have the ones I took off my FG-150 when I put a set of Gotohs on it. I'll look and see if I can find them.


ps - Welcome to HCAG. If you haven't found it, there is a site that is devoted to vintage Yamaha's. The guy who runs it sometimes posts here - he is pretty into the old Yammies




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Sork, I just looked at the guitar and realized that they are Grovers, not Gotohs. I replaced them a long time ago and frankly didn't remember. I don't know the model but they did fit the old bushings - I probably had to fill and drill the little mounting screw holes.


Any time you replace tuners you should measure the old ones with a micrometer or calipers and confirm the measurements with the new ones. Most manufactures and distributors post dimensions and other specifications on their website.


I'm sure I've got the old ones in a box somewhere but they were pretty shabby - thats why I replaced them in the first place





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