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Practising a siren


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The siren



For practising specific coordinations in singing, I mostly prefer using phrases from songs (actual or from memory), instead of artificial exercises. However, for diagnostics, I find tools like sirens etc. useful because they are standard, simpler and have fewer "moving parts", making it easier to spot areas for improvement. The downside is their simplicity. They are not so helpful when context is important.


You execute a siren (and I don't mean kill a harpy) by sliding up and down a scale on one vowel.


Your throat should feel completely relaxed and all the effort should be with your diaphragm, trunk and abs.


Things to note are...


1. The vowel will naturally want to change by itself. You should allow this to happen.


2. The volume will naturally change, no matter how smooth the airflow. You should allow this to happen.


(1. and 2. happen because different parts of your vocal tract come into resonant frequency at different points in the siren. Changes can sound quite suddenly, but you should distinguish between natural changes and "wobbles" in execution)


3. The siren should be gradual. The airflow should be smooth. There should be no blasting of air to force the ascent, and no collapse of air pressure on the descent.


4. The descent is just as important as the ascent. It is very easy to collapse the pressure and lose control on the descent.


5. You should aim to cover most of your range on one vocal placement, i.e don't flip into falsetto or fry.


6. You should have plenty left in the tank after a 20 second siren. If you run out of breath, you are maybe not supporting your breath efficiently.


I have improved my sirens just through singing song phrases. Then I check every so often to see where my sirening is at. I find that wobbles are gradually being ironed out.




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Is this recording the " How not to do it " version ...Did you read your own advice because you're not following it.


The first part of it is not an open " Ahh" ..it's a hard "aaa"..just don't really get to a proper " Ahh " until you are 2 or 3 seconds in.


In the middle part it sounds more like an " Ehh" ..the vowel is distorting


You say the at the siren should be smooth but there is a sudden drop in pitch that is anything but around 12s-14s


Then at the end you do the thing you said not to do and go in to a fry


Also you sound like you're yelling , there shouldn't be such a drastic change in timbre and volume as you go up

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Ignore the trolls folks. They will say any old rubbish just to disagree.


That is why one troll is hearing "ar" all the way through and the other one is hearing something completely different. They will be back to pretend "agreement" with each other later.


The only way to improve is to ignore trolls and to stay focused. :thu:


All is explained in the OP.


Don't confuse mask resonance for vowel change as one of the trolls has done. For this siren, when the mask wants to resonate, let it happen, as I have said. It is just an extra resonance, and if you listen properly, you can still hear the quieter resonance underneath.



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Sounds good enough advice from CD to me


Well it's not really advice ..just listening ..it's actually a little painful to listen to as well as it goes higher..not nice


Why dose he post his work on public forums for review if he can not take the constructive critisum


I don't know , just calls people trolls who don't agree...Like I said before..some sort of Walter Mitty type complex perhaps ?


Hay CD, did you know SLM has made the same thread on the robin bastard forum

Where he claims to have discovered the second bridge and passagio break


No I don't read that forum very often..Quick scan... they do seem to have some folks that actually know their stuff though..maybe one of them could talk some sense into KT...the siren does sound pretty horrible I'm not sure what use it would be other posting on a forum to say look at me I can do 20 second long siren.


What did you say to get banned from TMV ?



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