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Should a compressor be making a crackling sound?

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I obtained a used Ashly CLX-52 compressor from ebay. I ran a quick test playing some music through it, my signal chain is Audio Interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) ==> Compressor (Ashly CLX-52) ==> Monitors (KRK Rokit 5) all with balanced TRS cables.


Everything seems to be working fine apart from the fact that the compressor is causing an audible crackling noise whenever it is compressing. This noise disappears when I disengage the 'In' button to bypass the compressor. Keep in mind that it is not a true bypass as the input and output gain controls remain unaffected.


This crackling noise seems to happen on either channel even with slow attack/release times and light ratios and threshold settings.


Is this normal?

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