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new EHX triangle big muff reissue - video by bill rupert


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hey bill,

if you are reading this, i would really love if you could do a shoot out between all the "new" big muffs

having a tone comparision between the nano big muff pi, triangle, op amp and the green russian big muff in one video from you, would really show their differences


i know, this could be bad for business, as some would then only by one or the other, but not both or 3 or all 4 of them, but you making such a video would put them in the right context and it would be really fun to watch :)


and i really don't know which of them i should buy as addition to my 2 other big muffs (big box reissue and little big muff pi) and EQD Hoof, and maybe i need really more than one of them :D

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Thanks Tele. I always love watching Bill's outstanding demos. :snax:








If you'd like to check the official press release, it's published in HC News...






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So... who's gonna be the first to get one?


which one?

the triangle?

the green russian?

or the op amp?

or all of them?


i'm tempted by all 3, money is not the issue and soon will be my birthday...

but are they justified? are they so much different from what i already have? or are they just more of the same and i have more big muff pedals lying around at home?


questions over questions :)

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Just occurred to me those fuzz demos are really quiet. Recording tricks?


I think that it's mainly due to Bill's recording expertise. I doubt he's doing anything tricky that would give you a misleading impression of the actual sound of the pedal. In my experiences with various EHX pedals, the sounds available are pretty spot-on to what Bill demonstrates in his videos, and I can nail the sounds he gets pretty easily - his playing chops OTOH, are well beyond mine... :o



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Agreed that Bill's chops, video, and talent in general are awe-inspiring! Bravo!


Something I would love to see, but is probably too late for, is a documentary on the story behind each BMP version, and the decisions and techniques that the engineer(s) and designer(s) used to create each version. For example, other than Billy Corgan, did they call anyone in particular and ask to borrow their pedal? And even if they were able to get their hands on the exact pedal that an artist used on a classic track, did they run into any issues regarding components aging, or tolerances changing, etc. We all know that analog components can change over time, thus making every single vintage pedal somewhat unique of its own. How much variance were they able to measure? Was it noticeably different to anyone's naked ear? Were scopes used to take measurements and get as close as possible?


I would've loved to hear the stories. I'm sure there were moments where hairs were being split to the point of absurdity. But those stories would make these pedals all the more appealing for me. Maybe I'm alone there.

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Hi everybody!

Thank you for the really great comments. I really appreciate it.

Tele I bet in just a few weeks you will see many videos on youtube doing shoot outs with all the Muffs.

BUT I can never tell which ones I will like until I play it. I personally like the NYC Big Muff as well as the Rams head and the Triangle.

I do love the Deluxe Big Muff as it covers so much ground in one pedal.

Also the Muffs sound different with a buffered pedal in front. Seems It gets a bit more focused with a lower impedance input..


1001 as far as noise goes I am not doing anything special just as Phil said. I use humbuckers and that helps a lot!

If I use single coils it is hum canceling using two coils. the typical in between strat sound.

Also I don't run the amp that hot with the Muffs. At most just at a mild break up.


Fender&EHX a documentary on the Muff would be so cool.The parts changing over time is such a hard thing to chase and define.

I know it makes Mike crazy as its so hard to figure out just what is the magic in one pedal compared to another. Parts have a 10% tolerance,caps get leaky with age on and on.I would LOVE to see a documentary like that.



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but the videos will not be from you and so not the same quality :)


i guess my real problem is pedalboard real-estate, too less space and no power supply plug free any more...

i could go crazy and make a second board and buy an additional power supply...

on the other hand the new line6 helix looks also tempting....


yeah i also like Fender&EHX4ever's idea, but i guess this will be really hard, to tell the complete story


do you thinkg there will be a new episode of effectology?


anyhow bill, thx for stopping by and i'm looking forward to for your next video


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