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Waves G-Buss Compressor vs Other Cheap Clone

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I only got 75min to decide if I want to grab something from the Waves analog sale. If I miss it I might have to wait a whole month for this sale price again!

All their SSL stuff is on sale separately for $29/ea. Right now, the only true 2bus Compressor I own is the Waves 2500.. and it gets a ton of use, especially on the drum bus. I'm not a huge fan of it on the 2bus, but after messing around with the G-Buss, it seems like that's where it feels most comfortable. Is this true?


I could also take a total left turn and grab either the SSL E or G channel. I was demoing them earlier. Just messing around with the presets, which all seem to be the same settings. The G-Eq seems smoother while the E is edgier.







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I generally like SSL EQ emulations, and Waves did a pretty good job on their channel strips. The bus compressor is useful too, although I try to go easy on bus compression on the stereo mix - that's something I personally like to leave for the mastering engineer. Like you, I tend to use that more on sub-busses, like drums.



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