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Paging Mr. Anderton.....


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I'll be back...I had to attend to paying clients for a while, as well as wrap up the first six volumes of my recording series for Hal Leonard (the first three books drop this month!)...and had 14 personal appearances in June. As to new album...sorry, I've only posted one new song on my YouTube channel in recent memory, but you'll be seeing more of me very soon. Thanks for asking!!




God Craig, what a boring existence you have...maybe you should find a hobby or something to keep you busy.


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Well, when ya get back, CA, maybe ya can clear somethin' up for me.

Recently over at the still-alive-&-well MPlayer forum we had this recent visitation

< http://forums.musicplayer.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/2939565/Anyone_Have_a_09_76_Issue_of_G#Post2939565 >


w/ this OP


I wrote a DIY article in that issue called the "Stage Center" reverb. I was wondering if that design used a single reverb tank, or two reverb tanks wired more like humbuckers. If anyone can shed some light on this or has a copy of the original schematic...thanks!


Craig Anderton

*check out my podcast at www.cyberears.com



Well, sir, it didn't take long til someone [me :D] posted this



Wait, YOU don't have a copy ? smiley-think001.gif

Here's the best I could come up with:

an (as usual almost endless) list of copies for sale at various sites




I looked briefly but have limited time; here are some of the most likely options;





DIG !!

Is this it ?

Anderton Stage Center Reverb - Schematic Heaven



There's also this



I'm kinda surprised, though, if this is CA, I'd think you'd be better at this kinda Net use than me !

Anywhat, if I've helped, glad to be of....





Not tryna make a big deal, just lettin' ya know :cool:



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Oh, and on the general thread subject...remember that Harmony Central is part of Gibson, and being involved in Harmony Central was part of what I did there. Well, given that I was fired, it's a somewhat awkward situation (at one point, a CMO who is no longer there said "it would be best for all concerned if you disassociated yourself from Gibson"). I have been helping Dendy & Co. behind the scenes since I was fired last November (you've probably noticed that there are still articles and the "Craig's List"), but that kind of uses up my spare time.


It's also somewhat difficult for me emotionally. Coming here is kind of like seeing an old girlfriend you still love, but who dumped you. Now, I know YOU guys didn't dump me, but just being here reminds of different times...this forum started in 1995. It's a big part of my DNA, but right now, I need to help the companies that DO want to send work my way, and value my expertise.


However, HC is still here, and who knows what the future will bring. HC is the web site that has had many attempts on its life over the years, but it refuses to die. As long as I don't hear the fat lady singing, there's hope :)



Maestro.....You need to do what's best for you now. Whether HC survives or not...Isn't truly important. Or it shouldn't be. It's like a bar, or a newspaper. Only finally important to those who tipped a glass or read a favorite columnist. The patrons of same will retain their memories, and hold them close, and for the extent of their spans. The important S@@t.....That stays with us...Whether this little island stays above the waves or is crushed beneath them, only to emerge in memories...


We'll always have our Quadrafuzzes.............:cool03:

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