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One-off sub gigs

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In this particular case, a band booked a gig, but then split. The drummer who booked the gig had a relationship with the club and didn't want to bail, so he put together this group. We all put all the songs we knew into email and settled on 40some songs. We did three rehearsals, which was a good thing.. there was a lot of arrangements and versioning to work out, we mashed up a lot of songs as well.


We dropped a few songs that didn't come together so well, added others...


In the end, we killed it at the gig. The club even gave us a bonus. It was a good experience and I had fun. I'm not in this for the money anymore, so I could give a crap about that as much as having fun and playing music.


I hear ya.


But for me it isn't so much about being in it for the money as not wanting to waste my time.


I like pickup gigs and I don't mind rehearsing if it's called for. What I DON'T like are the guys who call and say they've booked some gig 8 weeks and from now that will pay 40 bucks and a couple of free drinks a man and want to get together a few times to rehearse a set list that is mostly Brown Eyed Girl and Sweet Home Alabama type stuff because they want to make sure they are 'tight'.


That's where it loses the fun aspect for me. Let's just play it out and have some fun. Otherwise, make it worth my time.



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I’m ok with subbing. Just give me the set list, the key we are playing in and let me know of any serious deviations from the standard version and I’m usually ready to go.


Send me recordings if you have them. I don’t want to rehearse with you guys.


If it is the type of material that requires much more effort than that? The pay better be really good.


Anytime I use a sub, they get the set list for the gig, lead sheets, and scratch tracks. They're expected to show up on time, ready to play, and *know* their parts. I don't allow charts on stage. This isn't a pit orchestra. I'd prefer not to rehearse them unless I've never played with them before, in which case I'm willing to do one rehearsal.

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