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Quick Newbie Drum question

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So I know just about nthing about drums, and I acquired a 13" Pearl export tom. It has no bottom hardware or head. So I ordered a 13" hardware ring ( whats it called?), and it slips right over the drum. Does it need the drum head to stop it (I don't have a bottom head) , or did I order the wrong size?


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Drum dru drum Drum...Drum dru drum drum Drum..2:47 P.M. Firday and I dispatched to HC drum forum for a possible 211 in progress....


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Joe Friday; No thanks

Bill Gannon ;Sure Joe?, wife made it special. Pickles and maynnoaise ..I love pickles and mayonniase

Joe Friday; Thanks but no

Bill gannon; Really ought to try it Joe..sure?




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Yes the hoop is to clamp the head to the shell so no head no clamp. The bottom head of course complicates the tuning process and makes for a sustaining sound that many drummers dislike. If you want the single headed sound, you can take an old drumhead and cut out all but an inch or so from the collar and mount it like you would a functioning drumhead. this will take care of any rattles from the loose lugs besides looking like a standard drum.

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