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VOM1T June 2018


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Hi y’all. I listened to the offerings I had not already commented upon on my iPad throughTascam TX 200x monitor headphones, which color everything a bit dark. MF had them on sale in it’s Stupid Deal a while back for $29.95 US.


w/that in mind:


I've been sticking to my one recording per week schedule, so here are a couple from the last few weeks. Both traditionals, instrumentation and recording process is the same. Everything but the acoustic bass was recorded with a Rode NT1a large diaphragm condenser mic. I recorded the acoustic bass with a GLS Audio ES57, which is an SM57 clone.


The Rake


Johnny Jump Up


1. The Rake:


Beautifully played, recorded, sung and written.


My suggestions:


a. When a fiddle is mentioned, insert the sound of a fiddle, even if it’s a quick, sampled fiddle triad sliding in panned at lower volume.


b. The back-up vocals are not loud enough on these headphones.


c. Your voice, guitar and other instruments are nicely EQ’d on these phones. But the background of this recording is dark. It might just be these

headphones. That’s just my observation.


2. Johnny Jump Up:


This would be a great live number. Everything I said

about The Rake applies here except the back up vocals’ volume is just right.



Catscurlyear: She has a beautiful voice. My only suggestion is if there will be a male singing along in parts - raise the volume. If not erase that part.


It either needs to be heard or not heard.


Idunno: Keep it up. When I saw the link, I thought,


‘ Oh no, not one more acoustic take on Eleanor Rigby,’


I was pleasantly surprised to hear your lovely version played on a nylon string w/ no vocal. Thank you. it was beautiful.


Garthman: TY 2 - more Songs From a Room ambience. I’m always up for that.



Not that it matters, on my offering this month,

So Have I,


I wrote (a) the music to the bridge and (b) the lyrics to the second verse.


Anyone who’s heard my music here may spot a difference in style.


My co-writer was not a minor-chord guy. I had no use for a lyric describing an ex-GF who gave birth to his son as a


flower of love both strong and kind


Maybe I’m being too harsh.


Anyway, we knocked the song out fast - half an hour or so. People seem to like the song.


The closer combines his 1st and my second verses. And my verse contained the title on the last line.


So there you are.


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Garthman - I enjoyed that. Slower and more melancholy than the original, which seems more appropriate to me, given the nature of the song. Hard to do Simon better than Simon but sometimes...


Etienne Rambert - I think it's probably better than you give it credit. I certainly enjoyed it. You never know what turn of phrase might come to mind. One of my originals has the phrase "love ran from his eyes" to describe Christ weeping.

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Nice one Howard lovely song choice and performance as usual ,sorry it`s a late comment but we`ve just got back from visiting the Isle of Skye and the west of Scotland ,Ben Nevis etc in the camper van ,wow we couldn`t have timed it better with the weather.i think the Skye Boat Song is now on my to do list.

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