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i just learned how to use zip ties


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It came with my pedaltrain pedalboard and I learned recently how to put em on and undo them. I think theyre useful for keeping em cables fastened to the board without any problems. :cool03:







Now if you are super fussy about you zip ties, there a tool for putting them on and snugging them up. Twist and the make a super clean cut.


I put up my outside Christmas decorations and hold things in place with zip ties. Since I didn't want to mess up my old siding. I ruin what I call small wooden rails around the door and front window. The rails get screwed into the porch floor and porch ceiling. The decoration get zip tied to the rails.

I have used the small screw holes for 2 decades.


My wife loves it and it's something we do every year without fail.


Any wind and ice will not take these down at all.


I love zip ties







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How do you undo zip ties?


While it's not there with many of them, some are designed with a tab that you can lift or press that lets the strip slide freely through in either direction instead of being stopped by the ratchet.





And if you want to re-use the non-releasable type...





More often than not, with the non-releasable design zip ties, I just cut them off with side cutters and replace them with a new zip tie. Especially with the smaller sized zip ties.





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Been using zip ties since they were invented plus every other type of cable organizer invented by man.


I don't typically try and reuse them. Too much of a hassle. You can buy them at dollar stores in bags of hundreds for a buck for the smaller ones. The big ones can cost quite a bit more. I typically get them for free because I use them on the day job as a technician so I always have a good supply in my tool kit.


I use ties to keep permanent/semi permanent wiring jobs neat. For wires I might need to change out I typically use twist ties staple the center to the pedal board then I can simply twist and untwist the bundles. I also use a bunch of these double ended jacks to connect pedals and reduce cabling.

I use the straight type for matching pedals and the offset where pedals don't match in height. On a pedal that's low I simply cut a piece of wood the size of the base and tack it to the board to raise the pedal height.



[img2=JSON]{"alt":"Related image","data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"227","width":"227","src":"https:\/\/ae01.alicdn.com\/kf\/HTB1Na.vQFXXXXaQXXXXq6xXFXXX6\/Guitar-Effect-Pedal-Connectors-Pedal-to-Pedal-1-4-Inch-Coupler-4-Pcs-straight-and-Z.jpg"}[/img2]

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