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Hoping for help - Yamaha AW4416 - I know you know, Phil!

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Hi. I had a Yamaha AW4416 stolen. I have several 4416 HDD's that I would like to access track data on. I recently inherited an AW2816. And I use PT, both on Mac and Win.


Is there any way to just swap out the 4416 drive into the 2816, and have it be read, for a one-time transfer to PT, at least?


Or...is there any way to read the 4416 drive for .wav data, to port into PT directly?


Any suggestions would be appreciated...this is for a memoriam project for a musician friend who passed away...some recordings of him playing back in the day I'd like to share with them.

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There used to be a site called Social Entropy - the owner wrote an application for Windows that allows you to extract WAV files from AW4416 and AW2816 CD data backups, but not from the HDD. The program was called AWExtract, and the last version I recall was 2.66. Unfortunately the site no longer exists in its old form (it used to have a lot of AW related information on it), but since the app was freeware, you can probably find it floating around out there - including, possibly, at the following link (which I have not tried to use myself - caveat emptor).




As far as I know, there's no way to just put an AW4416 drive into an AW2816 and open the songs. I don't believe that would work since I'm pretty sure they each used a different disk OS and each product had different features - the data on HDDs isn't compatible between the two machines.


There also isn't any program that I know of that allows you to extract data directly off of a AW-formatted HDD either.


I wish I could offer you a better solution, but short of getting another AW4416 to mount the original drives into and then transferring the data in real time from there (using a pair of lightpipe MY cards so you can transfer all sixteen tracks simultaneously), I really don't know of any way to do what you'd like to do.


Sorry! :(





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