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new Fender California Redondo body depth???


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Hi Everyone





I hope someone can help with some direct, specific data. Fender CS seems to be confused and there is really no data out there on this. I tried posting in the FMIC forum....but that seems inactive.





Does anyone know or can measure the body depth of the new Fender California Redondo acoustic at the upper and lower bouts?





Fender CS says that the depth at the upper bout is the same as their 000 size Newporter, 3 5/8"...but that does not seem likely.





The Fender Paramount PM-3, which is supposed to be 000 sized was only about 3 1/8" body depth at the upper bout...a bit surprising. [all mahogany model]





Fender online literature says that their dreadnaught body sized guitars are about 4" at the upper bout....but the Sonoran, which is supposed to be dreadnaught sized is 3.75", in the fender specs.





The Martin size chart shows that their dreadnaught size is 3 15/16"...or about 4"





I am curious about the new Fender California Redondo Special, but cannot find one to try. Nor can I find a player model to measure.





Would greatly appreciate any real data. Have exhausted all attempts to get a GC store, some distance away to measure, and just do not believe the Fender CS spec.





Thank you very kindly







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