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Shake up at Harman, DOD/Digitech design staffers dumped...

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When I was getting my degree in electronics the teacher gave us advice that you can take to the bank.


He said, don't expect to spend more then 5 years at any one job in the electronics industry.

He also said expect to spend the rest of your life reeducating yourself because the technology becomes obsolete so quickly.


Both of those statements were dead on. Most of the jobs I've had lasted between 3 to 5 years and I've had about 200 classes getting certified to repair different pieces of manufacturers gear. If the techs/designers are any good they will always be able to find a decent job. May not be doing the same stuff, in fact they could easily double or triple their incomes in some other branch of electronics like I did.


I foresee many of these companies downsizing and outsourcing. The clone wars are sucking them dry and there really isn't anything but a shell of a music industry left any more so little need for high end music gear. Want a reality check google up ticket sales for touring shows. In a country of 350 million you have maybe two dozen bands touring and 1/3 of those are dinosaur bands that should have retired decades ago of they are virtually unknown bands.


Of course you do have the local band circuit too but you cant even earn enough to pay the rent doing that.

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The state of the art of manufacturing of music instruments and technologies, has been stiffled by Corporate greed.

DigiTech was, in the 1990's, one of the top three creators of music effects devices. Suddenly in the early 2000's, they abandoned making ground breaking gear, in favor of the bedroom / entry level guitarist.

Sad, no loyalty to their employee's and eventually that disloyalty hits their potential customers .... I guess Life is cheap after all.

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I've said my peace about this on other forums.

All I can do now if express my condolences to Tom and his cow-orkers, and hope that they all land on their feet and don't miss a mortgage payment.


While I would LOVE to see the creative talent and manufacturing/support staff stay together and continue on with musical equipment endeavors, I can completely understand why some might want to move on to a more stable end of the electronics world. The musical-market is anything but stable, and cost factors make 100% MIA a difficult challenge.


I just hope Tom checks in somewhere (here, TGP, somewhere) and lets us know what they'll be doing in the future.

Even If folks move on to other fields, at least there is some closure.



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