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Show us your........mics

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I own about 12 microphones. I would take a pic of them but they're all scattered at various places. I've only recently expanded my mic locker over the past year or so. The main reason why I wanted to expand my mic locker was because I was working towards recording a full drum kit. Out of all the mics I own, I run about 10 of those mics on a drum kit. A couple of the mics I use for acoustic instruments. Here's a list of what I use:


-3 Shure SM57 (snare top and 2 toms)

-1 Shure SM58 (old vocal mic, was used as a kick drum mic for sometime, currently on bottom snare)

-1 Shure PGA56 (floor tom)

-1 Shure SM7B (main vocal mic, secondary kick drum mic)

-1 Shure SM81 (acoustic guitar, piano, drum room, hand percussion, and occasionally on vocals)

-2 Rode M5 (old acoustic guitar mic, currently drum overheads, occasionally on vocal)

-1 Rode NT5 (piano and occasionally on acoustic guitar)

-1 Audix D6 (main kick drum mic)

-1 Studio Projects B1 (old vocal and drum room mic, I don't use this mic anymore)


The mic I use the most often at the moment is probably the SM81, it seems to record just about everything pretty well, definitely a mainstay for acoustic guitar, its also very versatile. Overall I make full use of all of my mics. The only one that's really collecting dust right now is the B1. The B1 is the only large diaphragm condenser I own, I used to use it as my main vocal mic for some time, but ever since I developed a new vocal sound, it doesn't suit me anymore, its way too harsh sounding at times.


If anyone is curious about my drum recording setup here's a sound clip I made:


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I've heard the B1 is very "bright" - Y/N? I saw one at a good price recently and was curious' date=' but I favor warmer mics.[/quote']


The B1 is a decent mic for a beginner recordist with a small budget. For the most part it won't give you a professional sound if that's what you're looking for, but it is acceptable for casual or entry-level recording. It might do well on certain sound sources, but its true that its overly bright sounding. It has the tendency to distort when recording fairly bright sounding sources. The B1 wouldn't be my first choice for a tenor vocal or someone with a very edgy-sounding voice, though it might do okay on a more mellow sounding vocal.


What are you looking to record? Instruments, vocal, etc?

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I could be here a while if I listed all of my microphones. In fact, I'd have to do an inventory first or I'd probably forget some of them... :0


For me, mics are like a photographer's lens, or a painter's brushes. You may be able to get the job done with just one or two, but having a variety available is far more flexible and allows you a lot more creative options.


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