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Gaina paint

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Just saw this on the Japanese channel (NHK). It's a paint that uses some kind of ceramic technology that has won some awards for its insulation properties. It insulates for both temperature and sound. There was a little club that was in a noisy part of the city, and the proprietor said that it cut down on both outside noise getting in and inside sound getting out. It might have some good use in a studio. I don't know how much it costs, but common paint starts around $20 a gallon to many multiples of that for specialty coatings. Roof coating for my RV costs 80 to 100 a gallon, and it only coats about 100 square feet.


Don't know if this link works, I just hand copied it from their home page.

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I've poked around a bit on their site (although I haven't watch any of their videos yet), but other than one spot where it says it "deadens sound", I didn't see much of anything mentioned about its sound absorption capabilities.


Looks like it's a pretty effective thermal insulator though... but I would still like to see if they have any acoustical test data on it.


But it definitely sounds interesting...




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