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For Sale: Dangerous Music 2 Bus+ Analog Summing Mixer $1700


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If you're looking at analog summing mixers then you have most likely heard of the Dangerous Music 2bus+.

This is the same summing mixer that Jeff Juliano uses (John Mayer, Phillip Phillips, O.A.R, Paramore).

In my opinion it is the most sonically flexible summing mixer available. If you want just clear clean analog then it's mighty hard to beat Dangerous Music. But if you're looking to add a little mojo then that's where the three distinctive analog color options come into play. The X-former knobs controls the level into two custom Cinemag transformers to give your mix or whatever you assign it to the glue and punch that we expect from analog gear. The Paralimit is my favorite. Talk about some serious FET compressor spank on drums or even the 2 mix! Lastly, the Harmonics adds a combination of even and odd order harmonics which can give your mix that extra shimmer and warmth at the same time. It has xlr as well as DB25 inputs for your convenience.

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