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One mic design to capture the world?

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Is it possible?


Maybe it is... While no single mic is ideal for everything, the DPA 4099 series is one mic that I think every live sound company should consider adding to their mic box due to its extraordinary versatility.


For all the details, please check out my full review... and if you have any questions about the microphones (or the review), this thread is the place to post them!








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Different tools for different application Phil. I have some awesome #2 Phillips drivers' date=' but as awesome as they are with #2 screws, they are a terrible choice for a #1 screw.[/quote']


True, but there's a surprising amount of things that use the #2 Phillips head. ;)


These mics work well on a wide variety of sound sources. Are they ideal for everything? No... but they're remarkably versatile, and the range of mounts makes them easy to use with a lot of different instruments.



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I don't remember the model numbers but the few times I've used DPA mics, I loved them. It's definitely one of those "you get what you pay for" scenarios. They are REALLY expensive. Up there in cost with Neumann's, Schoeps and a few other boutique makers. They are fine instruments for sure.

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