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The Alesis Recital Pro digital piano

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I was surprised by just how much digital piano you can get for only $350.


Here's the link if you'd like to check out my full review.








If you have questions or comments about the review or the piano, this thread is the place for them. :wave:



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There is midi? Musta misread the comment. The usb is convertible right? Some people are saying springy keys closer to an organ than a piano. I take it the feel is on the light side?


It's a little light, but consistent with many other hammer action keyboards; it doesn't feel like a semi-weighted synth action keyboard or an organ at all IMO. The one I had here for review was not too springy, although it's a touch springier than the Casio Privia PX-160, which has a really nice keybed on it for a budget digital piano.


I'm not sure what you mean about the USB being "convertible"... it supports MIDI over USB, but doesn't have any old-school MIDI in / out / thru DIN ports. That omission, along with the lack of pitch and mod wheels are what will make it less attractive to gigging musicians than it would have been if it had included them IMO - not necessarily the feel of the keyboard action.


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By convertible I mean can it be sent thru a standard midi adapter plug?


No - you'd have to send it to a computer over USB and then use software to route it out through a standard MIDI interface connected to the computer. For MIDI, you can't connect anything else to it directly except a computer.

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I've always found Alesis piano sounds to be unuseable for gigging' date=' paling in comparison to those of Yamaha Korg Roland etc. Just the basic character of the sound doesn't hold up in the mix for FOH. But if they came out with a 73-key version of this, I would check it out.[/quote']


I thought the basic piano sounds were pretty good - it was the EP sound that I found most disappointing. But check out the video at the end of the review and see what you think.

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Ok found this. Don't know if it's any good but here it be.




Interesting - thanks for linking to that. I'm aware of a couple of other boxes that do something similar, but they all seem to have some limitations. I'd be very interested in testing one of those to see if they actually work bidirectionally without any significant issues.

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