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DR Black Beauties - Worst Acoustic String Ever!


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I was (and still am) a huge fan of Elixir nanowebs. However, I tried out the D'Addario coated strings, and I like them much better. Our producer is endorsed by D'Addario, and he had told me that he didn't care for the coated strings. He played my guitar in one of our studio sessions a couple years back, and was raving about how great it was. He was floored when I told him he was playing the D'Addarios.


I live in a rainforest, so if you don't have coated strings, they rust.



It's kind of funny, but while I have tried some other brands, I don't think I've ever tried the D'Addario EXP strings - and what makes that funny is that before Elixirs came out, I had used D'Addario strings almost exclusively for many years. I think I've still got some unused sets of .010 XL's around here someplace...


I'll have to remember to order a few sets of EXP's and see what I think. :)




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For me, the string debate and search is over. After wearing out my usual John Pearse PB lights, I changed to a set of recently purchased Elixir PB HD lights (Nanoweb). The set (developed with Taylor guitars) I believe. For whatever reason, maybe because my guitar is a 2017 Taylor custom 414ce, maybe because those are the strings my guitar came with or maybe because they are just REALLY good strings, this Elixir set really made my guitar come alive. Awesome tone and sustain! Awesome low end and I think the larger diameter upper strings really make for a balanced sound. I will stick with Elixir. Maybe the manufacturers know a thing or two? Anyway, thanks to Grant for suggesting them!

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