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Update on condenser monitor tips

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Hey ya'll got an update on the show that i was talking about the other day on the condenser mic and the monitors post. Everything went great!!! didn't have a problem one with it. i just gave the bands just what they needed in the monitors. and it never had feedback or nothing during their shows. One time the standup bass palyer got a little too close to the monitors in the front , but it was his fault not mine. the other bands also had a great show. and (Not because i done the mixing) I gave them the best mix from my knowlege of mixing that i could give and I personally was well pleased and i used the limiters on my amps and man i was tickled that i used them. my main amp clipped just one time during the whole day and it was because the lead singer from one of the groups got into his mic really hard and it made it clip.The only thing that happened that was a failiure was that i got one bad cord out of it. Which it was an old, old cord from when i started getting my system. but i am in the process of changing all my cords to speakons and speakon to 1/4 inch 12 gauge. It's just going to take time . just thought i wouold give you a update on the show as i promised in the condenser page. thank you all for your input on my questions agedhorse and all the others that commented it really helped me a lot. thanks

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