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Les Paul Guitar. Neck pickup. Duncan Custom Sh-5 or Di Marzio Paf 36th Anniversary ?

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I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar. The bridge pickup has already picked the Seymour Duncan Distortion Sh-6 (I want a 90s John Norum / John Sykes sound), but would it match a Seymour Duncan Custom Sh-5 on the neck? Michael Schenker used a Sh-5 (bridge / neck) set on the Flying V with the Ufo in 1992 in Tokyo, but the mahogany Flying V itself has a more open sound than a Les Paul. Hamer also has a Les Paul (Monaco) with Sh-5 pickup on the neck (with the Custom Custom sh-11 on the bridge) Or put the Di Marzio Paf 36th anniversary on the neck (I also found a 1979 Paf Gibson that serves in any position, but I found the price high for the neck)? Should you choose sh-6 and di marzio in epiphone les paul, what would you have to say about a combination of Seymour Duncan Jb Sh-4 on the bridge and the Seymour Duncan Custom Sh-5 on the neck of an Epiphone Flying V Korina (I think to get another guitar). I also have a Fender Stratocaster with Di Marzio Fast Track pickups (2 on the bridge and 1 on the arm), with the tex mex in the center.

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