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Anybody have experience with GFS Retrotrons?

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They are actually made by Artec. http://www.artecsound.com/pickups/


GHS is just a vendor who buys them in bulk from China.


I've tried many different sets of them. I've learned to stay away from the hot wound sets which sound muddy as hell and stick with the vintage wind which sound OK for a generic pickup. GHS seems to put a big sales emphasis on Hot Wound as being something good. '


Truth is these generic companies haven't learned the art of varying the magnet strength like Seymour and Dimarzio. If you just add winds without varying the magnet strength the frequency response narrows to the point where frequencies are all midrange. Some are so bad even the top guitar string lowers in volume.


I've also found the DC resistance from one set to another can vary as much as 1K so they apparently don't do a very good job counting turns or use wire that varied in diameter or quality.


I had planned on trying the Liverpool set on my Epi Dot at one time. I think they have a vintage wind which would do a much better job at getting jangly tones. I wound up using a set of Mini Humbuckers with some adaptor rings instead. They come the closest to sounding to the 60's Epi Riviera I used to own.

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