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What are you getting yourself this holiday season?

Ernest Buckley

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This year, I'm giving myself time. It will be spent on doing some really cool projects (both commercial ones for clients and private ones for myself). I'm also taking the time to refresh craiganderton.com every Friday, and I want to take the time to sample some of my old rack synths and bring them into the 21st century. Sorry I don't have anything more exciting!


The next thing I want to buy myself is the LinnStrument, but it's not time to do it quite yet.

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I pulled the trigger and purchased a bunch of UAD plugs... a dozen to be exact...


SSL E Channel

Neve 1073

Ocean Ways


Oxford Limiter

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Chandler Curve Bender

Chandler Zener Limiter

Teletronix La-2a Leveler Collection

Shadow Hills Limiter Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor

Lexicon 224 Reverb


Then UA sent me another coupon.... bastards... I finished the spree with the SSL compressor.

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I got an Akai XR20 drum machine, found a used one at a local GC, so I asked my wife to get it for me. Used was less than half the cost of new, thank goodness, I'd be a bit annoyed if I paid the full $300 for this. It's a good machine and fairly easy to use, but where it's lacking is in versatility. It was designed and voiced for Hip-Hop/Rap genres. Every other drum machine I've owned will at least have some 'vanilla', run-of-the-mill standard drum kits, but not this unit. The drum kits and beats are all geared to the RAP genre... Looks like I'll have to put together some custom drum kits to do what I want.

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