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live mic applications for gongs /bells/singing bowls

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On 5/11/2020 at 10:10 PM, nice keetee said:

beware 'perfectly' :wave:

put on some headphones and give it a spin for yourself... dont ask me.   the recordings done in asmr are all marked as such, and pretty much the last 6 or 7 uploaded at the least...     they are recorded @ “the neighbor’s incessantly barking dog studios” with a couple tracks from “logging truck highway” mixing facilities...  ive got an appointment for recording in the local caverns when the dust settles...  the larger room at the caverns is so silent!    further, its nothing like what i expected...  i figured  reverb and reflection like mad, but its the polar opposite!   its silent, and no echo, reverb, reflection of any kind that i can hear.  its dead, jim...       perhaps a resonance will be found in the room but so far it just eats any sound ive produced...  flutes, whistles, hand claps, voice, hand drum...  ive yet to roll in a gong...  thats next.   the rangers seem to like me and have graciously offered me the time i require and more. a couple of them are musicians, too!    

headphones required. 

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