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Ripping MP3s from Old Media with Heavy Labels ?

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Hi --- About 20 Years Ago I archived a massive collection of rare Vinyl onto CDs. I really "Did It Up" on the Super Rare Ones--


Copied the Album Covers and printed them onto thick CD Labels ...


Well --- Im Trying to rip the tunes off of these Custom made CDs on my modern lap-top


and am encountering all kinds of problems --- over 80 percent will not "Rip" ---


Is there a relatively inexpensive "peripheral" CD drive you can suggest that will successfully help me retrieve my precious data?



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Will the CDs play at all?


If so, you may have to do a real time bounce of everything and re-record the data. If not, you're probably sunk... you can try other drives, but if the data / CD-R's are bad, using a different drive to try to get the info off of them isn't likely to help very much.


What program are you using to rip with?


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