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I have a pedal looper connecting some pedals and I wanted to know if anybody has and idea on straight 1/4 inch jack connectors that have a little shorter sleeve cover. My problem is that the distance between the connector and the pedal is short and doesn't leave a lot of room for the canble and the connector . Here is a picture to better illustrate since I am sure my description wasnt the best. I have seen the gl cables and they look pretty small and neat but they are a little pricey. I saw that joyo made some similar patch cable connectors and was wondering if someone has given them a try. Thanks



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Both the straight jacks and right angle you're using will give you nothing but problems. They are all riveted together and will all have ground problems. If you're going to make your own cables use the Switchcraft one piece design. The durability is the best out there on right angles.








The problem with the straight jacks is the length is pretty much standard. The only thing you could do would be to first buy a solid design like this Switchcraft which is only $2.30 here https://www.parts-express.com/switchcraft-280-1-4-mono-plug-nickel--093-140





Then you'd need to hacksaw it down shorter. Problem with that is you'd loose the cable restrainer which clamps to the outside of the cable so the solder connections don't get pulled loose. There would be a cure for that however. You could solder the cable then mix up some 5 minute epoxy and fill the jack to prevent the wires from being pulled out. This would be a one shot deal because you wont be able to unscrew the covers after that.


I often do this using hot glue. I make all my connections, apply hot glue then wang the cover down over it and it prevents the cable from moving/twisting and makes the connectors last a long time. The cover can be heated and removed when using hot glue and the glue peels off metal fairly easily so connectors can be reused. Epoxy would be a one shot deal.


The ideal solution however would be to go with these solderless connections. https://www.pedalempire.com.au/products/evidence-audio-sis-screw-in-solderless-1-4-plugs


The big problem with these are you need to use their Monorail signal cable which is the perfect diameter for these types of connectors. You'd need to buy the straight one for the one end.





Then the right angle for the other end. The cap bends the wire to a right angle and also holds it in place.




Some people swear by these but I'm not a fan. Copper oxidizes over time and without soldering eventually causes problems but it would fix your length problem. Very pricy however. These connectors are about $10 each wherever you go and you have to buy their cable too. They sell kits to build a number of cables usually costing around $20 or more for a single jumper cable. My idea of taking a hacksaw to shorten a standard connector would be a whole lot cheaper.

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