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Have you ever considered taking a passive approach to monitor control?

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Sometimes you don't need a ton of features in a monitor controller... as Mackie has proven with one of their latest Big Knob studio monitor controllers - the new Big Knob Passive.


For all the details, please check out my review:




As always, feel free to make any comments or ask any questions you may have. :wave:



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We actually put the Big Knob in our new studio; my partner loves it...I have not had a chance to try it out yet' date=' but I sent him your review... :wave:[/quote']


Do you know which Big Knob was installed? There are now four of them - the original Mackie Big Knob that was released in 2005, and now the Big Knob Passive, Big Knob Studio, and Big Knob Studio+.


In addition to the Big Knob Passive review that is already up, I also just finished doing a review of the Big Knob Studio+, but I'm not quite sure when it's going to be published yet. Stay tuned! :)


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Passive monitor controllers are very useful, though I feel like Mackie waited about 15 years too long to introduce this. They kind of missed their window from when the market was screaming for this kind of thing. Anyone who is in the market for a $60 monitor controller is probably using an interface that already has one built in. Anyone who is using high end converters with no built in monitor controller probably wants something more full featured than the passive Mackie.


My first monitor controller was a NHT PVC, which costs about the same as the Mackie and has less connectivity. Before I got the NHT, I actually had a small console on my desk that I used for practically nothing but the level control and the headphone amp.

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I like the Big Knob but in the past couple of years have been using a Palmer Monicon. It's great' date=' but the only glaring absent feature I'd have liked is a headphone output. [/quote']


There's no headphone amp on the Mackie Big Knob Passive either. Most passive monitor controllers leave them off so no power is required at all for their use, but I agree it's something that many people still want / need.


You can always consider getting a standalone headphone amp to go with your Palmer.

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