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2 problems with my boss gt10. Mainly buzzing issue


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Have had my boss gt10 for some time now and still feel like an amateur with it. Recently all my high gain channels seem to have a horrible white noise buzz when I'm not playing. Would this be a bigger issue with the unit itself? Sucks playing on stage and having to switch to that channel and Loud buzz for no reason is buzzing until the song starts.


Also, I've asked this questing a million times and I'm gonna go mad. I've got my control 2 set to delay. I have a fs6 attached and I set it to tap tempo. So control 2 turns delay on and off and one of my fs6 sets the tempo? I've emailed support, asked on numerous forums and everyone just says set it to tap tempo. Well I do that and I can tap the tempo and watch the number change in the screen but the damn delay never changes to that tempo. What in God's name am I doing wrong. Almost feel like I have to go buy a separate delay cause I absolutely can't figure out how to get the delay to match the tempo in the display.

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Recently all my high gain channels seem to have a horrible white noise buzz when I'm not playing.
Do you play a Strat, Tele or other guitar equipped with single-coil pickups? They are known for picking up A.C. noise, and if you are playing with high-gain distortion, the hum & buzz will be much worse. Most people tend to play with too much gain (drive, distortion, whatever you want to call it....), so trying playing with less gain.


Does the buzzing stop with the guitar's volume turned down? Then the problem is mainly caused by the guitar. Check or have a tech check if your grounding and shielding are OK. Switch to a guitar with humbucking (double coil) pickups if possible. Certainly your big, top-of-the-line multiFX unit has a noise gate, you should add that to your effect chain on high-gain settings.


If your GT-10 still buzzes with nothing plugged into it, then it's either a power supply problem or an internal electronic issue.


I don't have any advice for you on the tap tempo issue, sorry.


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Since the hum appears with the high gain, your instrument likely needs additional shielding added.


As Mr. Grumpy says, Fenders were designed as a budget instrument designed to be played through a clean amp. When you do the hum is there but its usually very low unless you have a ground loop or are close to a source that emits AC radiation. Once guitarists started gaining up these kinds of guitars which have no internal shielding, the hum becomes overwhelming.


Gibson has for the most part always used shielded wires in their guitars so the hum levels are much lower. Fender has known about the problem since the 60's but blames traditional design and tone as the reason for not making improvements. Its complete and utter BS of course. Adding shielded wiring or shielding the control cavity has no effect on the tone and only improves it by lowering the amount of hum by encasing it in a Faraday cage to ground AC waves before they get to the signal wires and get amplified. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage


There are basically 4 methods of eliminating the hum.


1. The most effective and least used is to replace the single pickup wires to shielded wires. http://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_E...16_inches.html


2. Shield the interior with copper foil. http://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_E...pper_Tape.html


3. Shield the interior with conductive paint containing Mu Metals. http://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_E...ing_Paint.html


4. Switch to Humbuckers (which also have shielded wires). https://www.sweetwater.com/store/det...CABEgKto_D_BwE


This will be dependent on the actual type of guitar you own.


I should also note you want to be sure you're using high quality cords with heavy shielding. Budget cords often only have 70% shielding and not only hum badly but suck tone and attenuate the signal. Your good cords have 95% or better shielding. You don't have to spend top dollar on a good cord either. Many places sell well shielded cords for no more then the budget ones. You simply need to know where to look.


These have 99% shielding, use high quality connectors and are very durable. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_...seq=1&format=2

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I use a Boss ME-25 and, although it is not as sophisticated as the GT-10, there may be some commonality.


I find some of the high gain settings on the ME-25 to be quite noisy - but it is more of a hissing sound than a buzz. The ME-25 has a programable noise gate and I'm assuming the GT-10 does too.


The noise gate effectively turns the unit off until it receives an input signal. The level of signal required to turn the unit on (threshold) can be adjusted. I set the threshold on my ME-25 quite low so it does not kick in during the quiet parts but makes everything quiet when I turn the volume control on my guitar all the way down.


I suggest looking in the manual for the GT-10 and investigating the noise gate feature.

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