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Budda 2 x 12s


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Took these out of a Budda cab so that I could use the cab as an end table. The wood and workmanship is great. Its sturdy and lightweight.


But with that, I had to remove the 2 x 12" loudspeakers so it wouldn't corrupt my electronics. If you want, I can put it back in as sell as a cab.


These things pack a punch. Both going for 50 bucks. I was thinking about swapping out the Eminence from my Hot Rod Deluxe, but I think it might be too heavy. In any case, if you want any of the speakers please let me know.


You can actually plug them in without a cab and they go and sound fine. I reckon they run at 8 ohms. That always sounded best through my Sovtek Midget 50.


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