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New Eventide Plugin - Free Until October 31st...

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It installed perfectly on my mobile DAW, then I finally got it installed on my main DAW. Believe it or not it failed because my clock was off. I have that DAW on a power strip and the data and time was a month behind and the plugins install date preceded its release date so Sonar excluded its registration. I fixed the clock, uninstalled then reinstalled the plugin and it worked.



Tested it on a couple of recordings. Seems to work well enough. From the limited testing I did its a mild sounding graphic EQ that doesn't produce a bunch of artifacts even when pushed to its limits. The In/Out levels are kind of neat because it shows you which bands are pushing the hardest and shows you how much you're boosting or cutting those bands compared to the original signal, even when you aren't hearing much of a change.


What this can do, is allow mild shaping without extreme boosts and cuts. I'll need to play with it more to know what the final results might be after mastering. I suspect they will be good. I have several graphic EQ's but I don't use them very often, mainly because creating EQ curves can boost frequencies where there is no musical content and simply boost noise. I need to use them when using a Frequency analyzer in order to get beneficial results. This has a basic FA so it can be used for those situations where you want quick results. Don't know if it comes close to some of my other EQ, but I'll give it a fair shot and see where it winds up working best.

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