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Have you looked at our Alexa numbers lately? They're way up.


We've always had to deal with spammers - that's nothing new.


yes I check Alexa and the other webstats on a monthly basis

according to Alexa, daily page views per visitor is 1.24, and time spent on the site is about 99 seconds, which is slightly better than last month

even though Alexa (and other) numbers are up, it does not seem have any effect on forum activity

not that many new threads being posted, threads are not getting many views, it's usually the same group of members that is logged on, about 100, sometimes little more, sometimes little less


and spam, sorry but HC does not deal with it

it's too easy for the spammers to sign up and start spamming


even though it only takes a minute to identify the spammers (I always go to the member list, sort by join date and voila, there they are, the daily batch of fresh new spammers (and non posters), unfortunately, you can only see one page of new members, the member list has been broken for years now, otherwise it would be really easy to find all of the spammers


another option, is to do first post moderation


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