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The Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 large diaphragm condenser microphone

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Have you tried them yet? They're very impressive... but to get the full details about what I think, you'll need to check out my full review...









If you have any questions or comments about them, feel free to post them here. :wave:




Oh, and stay tuned - I'll be posting more information straight from Roswell about some updates very soon right here in this thread!

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As promised, here's the update information that I received from Roswell Pro Audio just before the review was being published...





The Mini K47 had been backordered / sold out since about July 1, and

is finally back in stock with some upgrades and improvements.


Here's the scoop on the new updated model:


- Upgraded signal capacitors (polypropylene).

- Optimized PCB layout delivers more consistent specs across microphones.

- We improved the mic's headroom (because most users put the mic on

loud sources).

- We upgraded the shock mount to our “Cutaway” design, which debuted

with our $899 Delphos model.

- The mic now has a durable powder-coated finish, rather than painted.

- The mic now ships in a flight case.

- The price has NOT changed.


The point of the upgrades was to make the mic an even better value:

higher SPL handling, superior consistency and durability, improved

accessories. The sound of the mic has not changed; indeed, that was

one of the requirements of the upgrade process.


The mic looks substantially the same. The finish has a bit of sparkle

to it, with a new “Mini K47” logo. And the whole thing comes in a full

color printed box.





And of course we have pictures of the new version for you to droll over too:










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